SOLASTA Bio Precision Insect Control

Protect your crops.
Help safeguard our planet.

The science

Bio-safe and sustainable technology – with unique insect specificity

The ‘disrupt not destroy’ and ‘non-toxic to non-targeted species’ approach developed by SOLASTA Bio is an entirely new proposition with the bio sector.
It presents a clear alternative to traditional chemical insecticides and other bio-options, which are not fully sustainable and are damaging our planet.

Ground-breaking science

Like some other solutions, our precision bio-engineered technology is based on naturally occurring peptides, rather than harmful chemicals. However, it also offers unique insect specificity.
This means that a SOLASTA Bio solution can be used to target specific insect species and be highly bio-safe (non-harmful) to all non-targeted species within the environment – including essential pollinators, other wildlife, humans and land itself.

Game-changing mode of action

Thanks to our world-leading scientific research team, SOLASTA Bio solutions have a unique mode of action (MOA). And a level of efficacy that will transform the efforts and fortunes of growers around the globe.
Our peptide-based solutions act on specific targets in insect tissues, altering their behaviour and disrupting lifecycles – ensuring they forget to lay eggs, for example, or even avoid feeding – rather than killing them outright. However, target pests can also be cleared, if it’s a desired outcome.

Highly effective and cost-efficient crop protection

Studies show that SOLASTA Bio’s precision crop protection solutions are at least as effective as traditional chemical insecticides while also being highly bio-safe and non-toxic to non-targeted insect species.
This pioneering technology gives growers everything they want from a pest control solution.
With the added advantage of being environmentally friendly and cost-effective to use and apply – to maximise yields without diminishing business performance at any level.

Explore a better way forward…
(to protect crops and our planet)

Progressive thinking and a pioneering solution

Traditional insect control practices are toxic. So SOLASTA Bio has designed and developed a better way forward, for everyone…

Bio-safe and sustainable

Precision-targeted SOLASTA Bio solutions are bio-safe (non-harmful) to non-targeted species – to protect people, non-pests and land.


Uniquely targeted

Our novel mode of action offers unique insect specificity – to act exclusively on the problem pests affecting crop yields.


Proven efficacy

Studies show that SOLASTA Bio’s precision crop protection solutions are at least as effective as traditional chemical insecticides.


Environmentally friendly

Better for people and the planet. SOLASTA Bio solutions are non-toxic and bio-degradable, so they don’t accumulate in nature.


Quick and easy application

Our solutions are easy to use and cost-effective to apply – for bio-effective crop protection with no build-up of resistance.


Protects our pollinators

We purposefully develop bio-stable solutions that proactively protect beneficial species, such as our essential pollinators.