SOLASTA Bio kicks off Innovate UK grant project, 2021-22

SOLASTA Bio kicks off Innovate UK grant project, 2021-22

UKI2S Accelerator Programme for Technology Development Projects: Round 12

Solasta Bio offers the pesticide industry and consumers a radically new solution to the biggest global challenge of this century — producing safe and plentiful food for a growing population. Our small protein (peptide)-based approach targets a unique feature of insect physiology to provide safe, effective insect pest control for food crops. These new bioinsecticides do not harm beneficial insect species and if successful in the market, will replace current synthetic chemicals, increasing stewardship of the environment and end-consumer health.

Our platform does away with the costly, inefficient and time-consuming random screening of large libraries of compounds which consumes up to three years in a traditional discovery program.

The project aims to refine and demonstrate the potential of our discovery platform through development of candidate bioinsecticides that address significant market needs. 

SOLASTA Bio features in University of Glasgow Strategy 2025 Challenges

SOLASTA Bio features as an exemplar in the University of Glasgow’s  “Strategy 2025 Challenges” document.

CEO, Prof. Shireen Davies, commented: “We are excited to be included in the University’s latest strategy. This shows the relevance of SOLASTA Bio’s approach to translation, both within the University and commercial contexts”.